Responsible Growth

  • Whether talking about parks or transportation, the city must engage in thoughtful, reflective long-term planning with a focus on community needs and desires. Kate is committed to helping Thornton grow responsibly with the input of the community.

  • Long-term community planning must include fiscal responsibility, economic growth strategies, and expanded recreational/entertainment opportunities for families in Thornton.

  • As an educator over the past decade, Kate believes in education, not just in the form of schools, but also in terms of community outreach. Expansion of programming, volunteer opportunities for youth, and apprenticeships from our local business leaders.


Community Liaison 

  • Kate believes in Thornton because Thornton has believed, loved, and nurtured her. It is time for her to give back to the community that gave her everything that she has become. Kate will continue to serve her community because she understands that her wellbeing in inextricably intertwined with the prosperity of her community. 

  • Kate will continue to be a connector of services, people, and ideas. She has long been held as a problem-solver who finds solutions that meet the needs of diverse vested interests.

  • Kate is proud to live, work, and volunteer in Thornton. She wants the opportunity to help more people to be able to do the same.


  • Kate believes that we are stronger together as a united community. Kate is a proponent of an inclusive community and will continue talking with people of all backgrounds. 

  • Kate advocates for the rights of every Thornton resident and will continue to do so.

  • Like you, Kate believes that we need safer roads for pedestrians, motorists, and cyclists. 

  • Kate will protect the citizens of Thornton by ensuring due process is followed.


  • Kate will use her skills to help the community impact change in the city, making government more accessible.

  • Ensure that residents not only get updates, but also rest assured knowing that they are heard by their elected officials. 

  • By partnering with the communications department and the other City Council members, Kate will work to refine practices and embrace new forms of effective, engaging communication.

  • Kate will institute procedures to foster honest, timely community feedback.