I'm supporting Kate Miya for Thornton City Council because she will listen to our communit

Elected Officials 

-Senator (SD 24), Faith Winter
-Representative (HD 31), Yadira Caraveo
-Adams County Commissioner, District 1 Eva Henry
-Adams County Commissioner, District 3 Emma Pinter
-Thornton City Council Member, Ward 3 Sam Nizam
-Thornton City Council Member, Ward 2  Julia Marvin
-Thornton City Council Member. Ward 1 Jacque Phillips
-Adams 12 Five Star Schools Board Member, District 1 and Chair of the Adams County Democrats Lori Goldstein
-Former Thornton City Council Member and current President of the Anythink Board of Trustees, Lynne Fox
Former City Council Member and former Chair of the Adams County Democrats Marty Wisniewski 
Former City Council Member Charles Stevenson 

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"I came to know Kate during her time as my high school English teacher. She was the type of teacher who was immensely dedicated to her students, making sure that every child had the opportunity to learn and grow. She made her classroom a safe haven for every student, whether it was to ask a question, work on an assignment, or just hang out and talk. Just as she loves her students, Kate loves her community, and her keen sense of duty has led her to serve on TASHCO and other various city committees. She has proven herself time and again to be an effective leader and communicator with an open mind, a cool head, and a willingness to fight for what is right. I know that she will bring her dedication, ferocity, and compassion to city council, and that is why I am enthusiastic to support Kate Miya for Thornton City Council!"

-Jeremy Newton

Former Student

"Kate Miya is thoughtful, considerate, knowledgeable and wants the best possible for students and the community. She is a good person, great teacher, and helps motivate others. Kate’s integrity and experience would be a perfect fit for City Council – she is committed to making our community a better place for all!"

Francisca Bermea

Parent of Student


"Kate is a committed teacher and community member. She continuously dedicates her talent, skill, and time to serve her community with passion. She has the highest integrity and work ethics. Kate cares for her community and listens to everyone’s concerns. Kate is solution-oriented and ensures everyone is treated with dignity and respect. It has been an honor to work alongside her on a committee." 


Rahem Mulatu

Community Leader


"Kate Miya is all around one of the greatest human beings I've ever met. She has gotten me through so many obstacles not because she had to, instead she helped me out of the goodness of her heart. That's why I know she'd make a wonderful city council member. Over the years I found that she's very down to earth and is always there to listen to what others have to say; but, she's never afraid to speak her own mind when she feels strongly about something. She fights hard for what she feels is right but is always open to learning new things while doing so. She's also a fantastic team player and she's definitely one I'd want on my team."

Taylor Saavedra

Former Student

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"Kate Miya is a dedicated community leader with strong character and vision to create real lasting change for the City of Thornton. I worked closely with Ms. Miya during my years as the TASHCO Board President. She is the voice of common sense fighting for and speaking on behalf of the residents of Thornton. I fully endorse Kate Miya for her candidacy for Thornton City Council." 


Heather Kopas

Community Leader and Former President of TASHCO 

"My name is Brandon Benegas and I am a former student of Kate Miya. I strongly feel that Kate Miya is a perfect person to be a city council member. My reasons being: she is a great person all around, she is always happy to help anybody that asks for it, and she is great at motivating people. To Kate, there isn’t a dream that couldn't be accomplished. She believes in her students and always helps us towards our goals and dreams. My favorite thing about Kate Miya is no matter what I dream about or what I want to accomplish in life, even if it seems impossible, she believed in, supported, and helped me get one step closer. Kate Miya is a great person who cares about others, a great supporter, and a great leader which is why I strongly feel that Kate Miya will make a great city council member."

Brandon Benegas

Former Student

"Throughout my academic career, I found it quite difficult to bond with my teachers as it became apparent there were many that were closed-off. Upon meeting Kate Miya (Mrs. Miya in my case), there was a sort of kind ambience that radiated off of her. I worked closely with her as her teaching assistant, and besides my exponential growth in literary techniques, she taught me how essential it was to be kind to one another in a climate as divided as ours. Alongside of being one of the most kind and genuine human beings I have ever met, I found her to be a friend even after my graduation; I fully and wholeheartedly believe she will be a valuable and successful asset to the City of Thornton."


Carmela Raygoza-Heredia

Undergraduate Student | Electrical/Computer Engineering

Colorado School of Mines